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Another WIP upload before I start my homework I swear. It’s part of a bigger piece, but this is as far as I’ll go with Amy I think.

Trying something different for Amy. I’ve always liked her StC counterpart a lot (I mean she’s a total hbic and doesn’t take guff from anyone!), but maaan were the clothes ugly even for the 90s. So I decided to try and SEGA-ify that look a bit. I’m actually pretty stoked with how it came out. (Yes, that’s Amy’s beta Riders outfit as the shirt.)

2:28pm · Monday, July 30th, 2012 · 30 notes
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    sjnfjsdnfjdnv LOOK AT HER LOOK AT HER SHE’S PERFECT -TOUCHES- It’s even better because this is something she would wear...
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