I'm here to draw things and appreciate Eggman.


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but yeah, money is getting super tight for me (what with not getting a lot of hours at my current job and having a hard time finding a new one), so if I can make a bit of extra income drawing things for people, that would be 10000% excellent ;_;

Most of the information is on the image, but if you have any questions (or are interested), please drop me an e-mail at dorkfully@gmail.com! I highly, HIGHLY suggest against sending me an ask, since tumblr is a butthole and has a crappy messaging system, so e-mails would be the best way to make sure I get it! ;v;b

I also have a Redbubble store with much cheaper things if you’d like to send me monies but don’t want to spend THAT much (and own sweet stickers or prints of my work too eheheh)

Please signal boost this if you can, it’d be greatly appreciated!!!!

Reblogging for the daytime crowd!!

…but yeah please signal boost it’d be super great ;_;

(You just HAD to bring that back, didn't you :I )



Someone requested a shirtless version of my oh so ‘popular’ rofitnik picture. Now with extra Bot and a hint of i tried. i feel as if some things are missing but i’ll figure that out never later


This speedway has funky beats.

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Rosie by Drawloverlala

I wanted to do another artist spotlight like I did with JoeAdok. I really like this person’s redesign work as well. Give them a look! http://drawloverlala.deviantart.com

Well that was several hours well spent.

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Doodle time!

I’ve been goofing around with human versions of the GOTF crew again— Here’s some brainstorming on Silver and Sonic!

This is all VERY work-in-progress; I’m trying to figure out what their facial structures and hair styles would be like, mostly. I’m leaning toward the longer hair for both of them right now.


ugh drawing well is just not happening tonight

time to drown my sorrows in the chao garden

Ho wow, I like this Vector. Now to make skinny 90s Vector too!

I think I’m making Gamma too cute. Or maybe he should be cute? Hmm.

Making gijinkas is hard. :I

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